Fighting Fleas The Right Way

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home pest controlBoric acid is particularly effective against larger bugs as well, such as roaches. Most pests that crawl over the boric acid powder will essentially die off on their own after a while. As effective as this pest control method is for combating pests, this method mostly works for controlling adult pests only. The eggs of such pests remain largely unaffected because of how it works. For example, fleas are also very common in the US, especially in households with pets. Pets are often brought out of the house for exercise and they are the prime targets for fleas.

Even as your pets mingle with other pets in say a dog park, an infestation of fleas can pass on from one dog to another. This is precisely why you should consider using a dog collar or a flea comb whenever you bring your pet home from a park. Ideally, you would also want to use a flea spray to get rid of any remaining fleas or their eggs that may exist on your pets, especially dogs. This is not to say that cats are completely rid of fleas, but they’re less likely to be infested because cats tend to be indoor creatures and are less likely to mingle with other pets too.